Support for entrepreneurship

We are operating a program to produce entrepreneurs, in collaboration with venture capital, universities, and research institutions.

For people who wish to start a business, as well as those our human capitalists think show aptitude for starting their own business, we actively encourage entrepreneurship and walk alongside them in that process.

Our track record in support for entrepreneurship

Here are some of the entrepreneurs that our company has produced in collaboration with venture capital and research institutions.

Using AI- and data-driven approaches to provide solutions that help to improve the efficiency of the aviation industry and contribute to the decarbonization of our planet

Established in April 2021

President and CEO

Shinji Tanaka

Formerly of BCG

Offering digital solutions to support research that uses real-world medical data*

Established in November 2020

President and CEO

Emiri Grimes

Formerly of McKinsey

Development, manufacturing, and sales of medical simulators

Established in February 2019

President and CEO

Koji Suzuki

Formerly of IBM Japan

Providing IT services for real estate businesses

Established in April 2019


Ryosuke Eguch

Formerly of McKinsey

Promoting digital reform in governmental services

Established in July 2017


Daichi Ishii

Formerly of Recruit

Operating one of Japan's largest ecommerce platforms for the service industry

Established in August 2016


Takayuki Hoshino

Formerly of Rakuten

*Real-world data (RWD) refers to anonymized medical big data obtained in clinical practice on the basis of medical examination and treatments, including health insurance claims data, electronic medical record data, and DPC data.

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