Consisting of two teams, one for systems that support "Talent Agency" and another for " STARTUP DB", TechLab uses the power of technology to undergird programs that support growth industries.

Using the power of technology to undergird growth industry support programs

TechLab, the development organization of for Startups, focuses mainly on the development of systems that support "Talent Agency" (SFA and CRM) and "STARTUP DB". However, to increase the pace of projects in the present era of digitalization, there is an urgent need for digitalization in a range of situations, not only the development of services. At TechLab, each and every engineer and designer is working hard for the sake of startups in a manner that transcends the boundaries of teams and projects while leveraging their expertise.

Startups Data Platform

"STARTUP DB", our information platform specializing in the growth industry sectors of Japan, has grown to become one of the largest venture company databases in Japan since its launch in May 2018, gathering information on a total of over 13,000 companies that range from pre-IPO ventures to post-IPO mega venture companies. We continue to evolve toward our goal of providing a clear picture of the growth industry sectors of Japan through endeavors such as developing algorithms that rank the growth potential of pre-IPO ventures and handling multilingual information.

TechLab has made use of this data platform to deploy "STARTUP DB Club", which supports startups, and "STARTUP DB Enterprise", a data supply service for large companies. TechLab is also developing business support tools for our in-house human capitalists to use, and a service called "Talentship" for persons seeking career transitions.

The business of for Startups is undergirded by the power of technology, including the development of services based on our Startups Data Platform.

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