for Startups Capital

Our company's aim is to provide support infrastructure to growth industries and supply the necessary support to those who are ready to take on new challenges, based on the business vision of "We are for Startups."

People and money are the driving forces that undergird the growth of companies, and the growth of innovative startup companies and continuous development of the ecosystem for startups would not be possible without the necessary human and financial resources. That's why our company is determined to make a positive contribution to society by supporting growing companies, primarily in terms of human and financial resources, to promote faster and more reliable growth.

We are pursuing a new form of hybrid capital that provides both quality and volume in human and financial resources, in order to create global startup companies that will represent Japan. 

By supporting entrepreneurs with responsibility and determination while fully leveraging our company's capabilities, we can enhance the rate of growth and reliability of success for our investee companies.

As a result, by creating global startup companies that can represent Japan, we will contribute to the development of the overall ecosystem for startups in Japan.


Creating success stories of
global startup companies that can represent Japan

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