FUSE insight #3 Japanese Startup Pitch -Crossing the Border-

FUSE insight #3 Japanese Startup Pitch -Crossing the Border-

成長産業カンファレス『FUSE』のコンセプトを引き継いだ新イベント『FUSE insight』第3回は、全編英語イベントとして開催いたします。




主催:フォースタートアップス / 経済産業省「J-Startup」

協力:CIC Tokyo / JETRO / 日本スタートアップエコシステム協会


J-Startup x FUSE insight : Pitch Session Meetup
Calling all global players and investors for great startup pitch!!
Special Thanks: JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization)

FUSE insight is a spin-off event of Growth Industry Conference "FUSE" hosted by [for Startups, Inc x CIC Tokyo]. It aims to bring new "insights" of the startups and the players in the ecosystem. Our goal is to expand the ecosystem by inviting in various players both locally and globally.

Together with J-Startup, the Japanese government's initiative to support startups, we will introduce you to various talented startups in Japan.

You want to participate but the time difference is an issue for you? No problem!! Register your information with us and we'll send you the archive video of the event. Also if you wish to get in touch with the startups, you can let us know and we'll connect you.

Speaker Startups

Our company is developing a wide range of technologies for the nursing care industry. An existing product is the Helppad excretion sensor. This product detects urine and feces by smell. Utilizing its expertise in the development of this product, the company has recently been providing consulting services to accompany and support major companies and ventures that want to enter the care tech market.

Development, manufacturing and sales of rare metal-free catalysts for next generation batteries.

With the implementation of Asilla's product, security will be strengthened by utilizing footage from security cameras 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A security camera continually monitors a facility on behalf of a person, alerts guards when something wrong happens, and urges them to take immediate action.

EmbodyMe creates patented artificial intelligence technology that enables anyone, anywhere, to effortlessly create any visual content imaginable for video production, video conferencing, live streaming, gaming, metaverse, and so on. Our product, xpression camera, is an award winning virtual camera app that enables users to redefine their on screen persona in real-time, while chatting on apps like Zoom, live streaming on Twitch, or creating a YouTube video.

RevComm provides an AI-powered IP Phone to Japan, Indonesia and the US. There is a black box problem in the conversation between sales/cs rep and customers and we provide the solution by visualizing what and how the reps are talking with AI.

Biomass Resin Holdings
We up-cycle non-edible rice, such as old and expired rice, crushed or broken rice, which would otherwise be discarded as burnable waste, to produce our bio-based Rice Resin. We produce and manufacture rice resins by mixing rice and petroleum resin to produce rice-resin. We can produce up to 70% of rice-based plastic products, so rice resin can greatly reduce the usage of fossil fuels and also the effects on the environment can be greatly reduced. "Rice-Resin" and "Neoryza" are both bio (rice) based plastic innovations, and there are different purposes and usages for those two resins that we produce.

KabuK Style
Management and operation of Travel Subscription HafH, accommodation and rental operations, travel agent.

Why Attend?
- Learn more about the Japanese ecosystem
- Grab your opportunity to invest / collaborate with talented startups
- Get to know other players in the ecosystem

17:30 - 18:00 Venue Open
18:00 - 19:00 Pitch Session
19:00 - 20:00 Meetup

Q. I live abroad and I can't take part due to the time difference
A. No problem at all! Register your info and we'll send you the archive video

Q. I don't speak English that well. Can I still attend?
A. Of course! Language should never be the barrier to connect and expand your world!

Organized by for Startups, Inc / J-Startup

Supported by CIC Tokyo / JETRO


[About "for Startups, Inc."]
Ever since the company was founded in September 2016, based on the vision of “We are for Startups,” which states our commitment to supporting the growth of Japan by creating the kinds of industries, companies, services, and people that can compete successfully in the world, for Startups has worked to develop a hybrid capital business focused on providing support for growth industry fields in terms of people (human resources support) and money (financial support) and to construct an ecosystem for startups.

[About J-Startup]
In Japan, over 10,000 startups are challenging the frontiers of the new business world. Few will be able to expand on a global level. The J-Startup project aims to make winning startups in the global market and bring new value to the world. We will create successful, cutting-edge Japanese startups and empower Japan’s startup ecosystem.

[About CIC Tokyo]
CIC is a home for exemplary entrepreneurs leading fast-growing businesses, keeping them highly-motivated and focused on their pursuit of innovation. By engaging with those who continuously find inspiration and act on them with purpose, we intend to join their adventures to changing the world.

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